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Nicki Minaj Sex Tape Nicki Minaj Sex Tape Exposed Nicki Minaj Still Calls Herself the “Girl Next Door” Even after her Sex Tape! Rappers have a lot of different associations with their image – but “girl next door” is not one of them! It is humorous to hear the star of the Nicki Minaj sex tape say that she considers herself in this way (her exact quote in response to being asked if she was a sex symbol was, “I like to look at myself as the girl next door), especially after the Nicki Minaj sex tape flooded the internet. Nicki Minaj Sex Tape Having a sex tape is nothing new in the world of celebs so it is hardly shocking that a black “Barbie” also gets dirty in front of the camera for the Nicki Minaj sex tape. Just because celeb sex tapes have become common, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t in demand. After just a few weeks of rumors about the Nicki Minaj sex tape, already there was a mass flood of people online looking to find the tape. The rumors about the Nicki Minaj sex tape got really spicy with talk of her doing “freaky” things. Again, this is no surprise to anyone who has seen one of Nicki’s hot music videos or her perform in one of those barely-there outfits.

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The fact that a celeb can still call herself the “girl next door” type even in the dawn of a sex tape scandal shows just how far the entertainment industry has come. The Nicki Minaj sex tape is a “must see” for all fans and non fans alike. The Nicki Minaj sex tape is selling for about $100k, and is sure to make millions from all the hype. With celeb sex tapes becoming so common, maybe you can have a sex tape and still be considered the girl next door!

Nicki Minaj NSFW Anaconda on Instagram

Nicki Minaj has been teasing fans on Twitter with a special “surprise” since Wednesday. The Barbz certainly got one July 24 when she shared the super sexy cover art for her newest single, “Anaconda.” Check it out and let us know when you’ve picked your jaw back up from the floor:

Nicki Minaj NSFW Anaconda Instagram

Yup, there’s the Young Money rapper in nothing but a sports bra, Jordans and a g-string. Along with the steamy photo, Minaj wrote that “Anaconda” will be available July 28 on iTunes. The single will be featured on her upcoming album, “The Pink Print,” but as of yet the album has no official release date.

If the cover art for “Anaconda” is this racy, we can only imagine what the music video will be like. After all, the 31-year-old rocked pasties made out of electrical tape in her “Pills N Potions” video, and Minaj has never been one to disappoint when it comes to being outrageous.

Nicki Minaj Sexy

Nicki Minaj SexySexy vixen from Trinidad and Tobago’s capital city was born in 1982 and she discovered she’s got a flair for drama ever since she was a kid. Music, acting, drama, she was into all of that during her middle school, she even played clarinet. After she graduated from LaGuardia music school she set out to find her real calling and she discovered that a well educated and a little quirky performance artist can make a name for herself, especially with a body like hers. Nicki Minaj sexy curves get her plenty of attention from men and women alike, but the popular pop star is not interested in dating and sex, at least that’s what she says in most of her interviews. The girl is completely focused on her career, and since she got gigs as both MTV diva and VH1 star, there are plenty of chances for her to show off.

It’s hard to say exactly what makes her so attractive, there are just too many factors that go into her performances. From outfits that are pretty similar to what Lady Gaga is always about to a juicy booty that can put even some ebony porn stars to shame, every inch of Nicki Minaj is sexy. The fact that she just loves wearing outfits that outline all of her best sides does very little to make men stop thinking about her as an eye candy and more as a singer.

As for her personal life, she’s pretty quirky, the girl didn’t have a happy childhood and she says that forced her to imagine fantasy personalities and then to play them out to get through life, and that she still does that on stage, so we get to see some eccentric sides to her when she’s live, in private she’s a bit different then on stage.

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Nicki Minaj Nude

Nicki Minaj NudeNicki Minaj Nude if there’s one challenge that is set before guys all over the world it’s getting Nicki Minaj nude. This girl has been with us for about five years now, and while there are tons of hot provocative photos of our favorite Trinidad and Tobago artist to be enjoyed, we’ve still got to see anything more dirty then just a lush ass in tight outfits, not even a nip slip, Nicki Minaj keeps her delicious curves to herself.

While it is nice to get a celebrity that has became famous because of her skills, she’s got a body that is just too hot not to show around. There were plenty of rumors about Nicki Minaj and her sexual preferences, there were even suggestions that she may be bisexual, but she has stated that she has never slept with a woman and that it’s definitely not on her to do list, but that she isn’t looking too much into dating scene at all at the moment, her singer and performer career comes first for her. She seems pretty bashful actually, especially for a celebrity that worked with big names like Kayne West and Britney spears.

Nicki Minaj Nude

While dreams about Nicki Minaj nude remain that, only dreams, that’s not to say we don’t get a lot of material from her that any man can appreciate. Tight outfits that go well with her delicious curves are something she just loves wearing, the MTV and VH1 diva enjoys attention and the feeling of having all eyes in the room on her, so she’s got a wide range of outfits she shows off, all odd looking, like she’s been rummaging through Lady Gaga’s drawer.

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Nicki Minaj See Through

Nicki Minaj See ThroughEver since her first album was released in 2007 Nicki Minaj was gaining more and more in popularity, and it’s easy to see why if you take a look at any of her live performances. From live concert with Britney Spears to all kinds of solo VH1 shows, if there’s one thing she’s known for it’s for her love for Nicki Minaj see through outfits that hint at much more then most of the modern age divas are ready to show. Exotic ebony body with lush ass and fine looking boobs make her a real sight for sore eyes, but she says that she’s pretty much asexual and more interested in her career then men and women.

The fact that she doesn’t find pleasure in sex doesn’t mean she can’t find pleasure in all of the attention she’s getting, that’s the main reason behind Nicki Minaj see through shows she treats us every now an again. From thin pants and thongs that ride up her lush ass to tight tops that look like she’ll burst out of them, the girl gives new meaning to the word “sexy”.

As for her career, Nicki Minaj has been really meeting up with world popular artists, from Rihanna to Kayne West, all of the artists that worked with her say that she’s full of life and always energetic and enthusiastic about putting on a great show, something her audience is thankful for.

In these galleries you can feast your eyes on some of the more spicy pictures that Nicki Minaj has let us take of her exotic figure in kinky outfits, so enjoy yourselves and check out full galleries where you can find video archives of all of her live shows and TV appearances.

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Nicki Minaj Pussy

Nicki Minaj PussyOne thing has been bugging the scene lately, and that’s just who gets to play with Nicki Minaj pussy, the girl looks hot, talks dirty and her pop songs are more then crammed with provocative and suggestive lyrics, but she’s pretty bashful when it comes to a celebrity of her caliber. Her songs say a lot about her loving ladies, about her enjoying rough things all that jazz, but there’s not one photo or video or whatever leaked that would confirm exactly what is Nicki Minaj into.

All that attention sure is helping her professional career, the singer says that she likes it that way and that keeping people unsure of what exactly are her preferences is her personal choice because she simply isn’t looking for any sort of fun in that aspect, she says she’s very focused on her career and that’s it. Those are some pretty big words for a lush ebony chick that shows up on live stages wearing spandex outfits, clothes that are almost see through and that makes songs as xxx rated as hers.

While her sex life is a matter of speculation, there’s an aspect of her life she’s only too happy to share info on, her childhood. She comes from capitol city of Trinidad and Tobago, and she’s always been into arts, from playing clarinet to drama club, from acting to singing, and she always knew that she will get into show business, but she didn’t expect that it’s Nicki Minaj pussy that will be discussed more then her art. As for the type of music she makes at the moment, she’s a hip-hop rap artist of average calibre, but it’s her performance that makes her much more famous, her outfits and her style that looks like what you’d get when you combine fashion sense of lady gaga with a slutty chick from the hood.

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Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip

Nicki Minaj Nipple SlipWhen it comes to exotic celebrities, there are plenty to pick from, but here’s a chick that has got the looks of a sex bomb and is completely unaware of just how does she affect men. Nicki Minaj always was into visual preforming arts, so it’s no wonder that after high school she started looking for a career as a singer, and she broke through rather easily. Her voice was fine, but it’s her performance that made her stand out, she’s got plenty of skills when it comes to picking out outfits that will make her more attractive, and she’s not shy of some really provocative combinations either. It’s a great combo with a drop dead sexy body, Nicki Minaj has got an ass that’s out of this world and a fine small set of tits.

Unlike most of the other celebrity babes, Nicki Minaj nip slip photos still do exist, but also there are plenty of pictures that can make men really appreciate that hot ass of hers. Round, jiggly and perfect for slapping, that ass gets a lot of coverage seeing how Nicki Minaj likes wearing tight jeans and trousers that outline her behind, and often they are made out of thin cloth so you can really enjoy that juicy booty. From photos of her ass in thin skirts while she’s wearing thongs to round jeans that look ready to burst under the pressure of that juicy booty, there’s a bit of everything in here.

The chick is a little loco, but that makes watching her shows only more fun, she thinks she’s got multiple personality disorder and that it’s what makes her music so fun since she has different personalities for different songs.

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Nicki Minaj Camel Toe

Nicki Minaj Camel ToeNicki Minaj Camel Toe Paparazzi have been working around the clock to get their hands on this one, we’ve proud to show you Nicki Minaj camel toe collection. The girl seems to be completely out of sync with the world around her, all that matters is her art, and that gives us men something to really look forward to. Even on live stages she’s known to show spicy camel toe that would put models to shame, she’s got an ass that’s out of this world, and while her cleavage doesn’t match the levels of hotness her crotch does, she’s still top class staring material.

Nicki Minaj Camel Toe

From bikini resorts to hot outfits like the Nicki Minaj camel toe she’s wearing in front of her fans, dirty little Nicki has given us a lot of chances to admire curves of her body. She doesn’t think about it that way, her outfits are part of the act for her, but the results are pretty much the same for us, we get to enjoy Nicki Minaj camel toe in all of it’s glory!

As far as celebrities go, Nicki is pretty unique in the sense that she’s completely out of touch with what people want her to be. She says that she doesn’t mind all of the hot and provocative pictures of her that are circling around, she says that she’s in the business for attention, and while she thinks her singing and pretty original stage organization are the reason why men can’t get enough of her, big part of her appeal comes from hot poses she takes almost without realizing.

The photos of her you can see here are some of the best ones taken, but are definitely not the only ones, there are many more as this hot ebony celebrity doesn’t mind parading her lush curves in tight outfits.

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